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Here is an archive of my historical fiction book reviews. Although I read broadly, I primarily enjoy reading historical fiction that is set in a period over 50-100 years ago. The traditional “cut off” point for historical fiction is 50 years or more, but to me, “historical” fiction should be older than I am.

Sir Francis Drake with his Coat Of Arms with the inscription of Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna Meaning

The meaning of Sic Parvis Magna is from small beginnings, greatness. This is the title of the first book of the historical fiction series Adventures of Francis Drake.

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The cover of historical fiction novel The Heretic Wind by Judith Arnopp

Historical Fiction Book Review: The Heretic Wind By Judith Arnopp

In The Heretic Wind, author Judith Arnopp introduces us to Mary Tudor, the daughter of Henry the VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon, and the first English Queen in her own right. The book is a fictionalized biography of Mary I (Mary Tudor, whom John Foxe dubs “Bloody” Mary). The historical character is easy to hate… which is why this book is so wonderful—as Arnopp puts us into Mary’s head, we discover…

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