Adventures of Francis Drake

One Raid Will Create a Legend

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How does a farm boy and son of a poor country preacher become one of the world’s greatest naval commanders, a hero to one nation, and a pirate scourge of the Spanish Main?

July 1557. One month after England’s entry into the Anglo-French war. A world where kinship and patronage are as important as national identity.

Follow the 17-year-old Francis Drake into a cutlass-slashing, cannon-blasting sea raid as he joins his cousin John Hawkins in cutting out one of the Hawkins’ ships, and rescuing its crew from French captivity.

Cover of Adventures of Francis Drake - Retribution (Short Story)
Historical Fiction of Paul Jariabek Halberdier overlaid onto an antique map of the Tavistock Area

Adventures of Francis Drake Sic Parvis Magna Update

Had nothing happened, the 8-year-old, ruddy-haired Francis might have followed 300 years of family tradition. He lived in Tavistock, a small village in southwest England. He might have become a tenant farmer, tending to the land and husbanding the animals, or would have followed his father’s footsteps, becoming a preacher, living out his life in quietude and never venturing outside of the village. And history would not have taken a second glance.
But as it pleased the Almighty, the events of 1548 thrust his life in a very different direction. Little did he know that in mere six years, he would be on his way to become one of the greatest mariners, a legendary English admiral, and a feared pirate ‘El Draque,’ the sworn enemy of the Spanish Crown.

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Cover of Airy Nothing by Clarissa Pattern

Historical Fiction YA Novel Airy Nothing by Clarissa Pattern

How does an effeminate boy that sees fairies survive in rough medieval London? In the historical fiction YA coming-of-age story Airy Nothing, author Clarissa Pattern gives us a wonderful gift. It is a feel-good story of a special boy set in a cruel period of 16th century English history with themes that continue to resonate strongly today.

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