Adventures of Francis Drake


One Raid Will Create a Legend

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Historical Fiction Short Story Retribution

How does a farm boy and son of a poor country preacher become one of the world’s greatest naval commanders, a hero to one nation, and a pirate scourge of the Spanish Main?

July 1557. One month after England’s entry into the Anglo-French war. A world where kinship and patronage are as important as national identity.

Follow the 17-year-old Francis Drake into a cutlass-slashing, cannon-blasting sea raid as he joins his cousin John Hawkins in cutting out one of the Hawkins’ ships, and rescuing its crew from French captivity.

Cover of Adventures of Francis Drake - Retribution (Short Story)

Update of my Naval Historical Fiction Novel Sic Parvis Magna

I am very excited to announce that the manuscript of my historical fiction novel Sic Parvis Magna is in the hands of my editor!

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Much like in my historical fiction short story Retribution, I am also working on the supporting art for the novel.

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My Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction Book Reviews

Explore some of the historical fiction books I have enjoyed.

Cover of the historical fiction novel Ben's Bones by Joseph C. Gioconda

Historical Fiction Book Review: Ben’s Bones by Joseph C. Gioconda

Ben’s Bones is a lesson in medical history within the covers of a historical fiction novel. It paints an account of a brilliant young anatomist and a friend of Benjamin Franklin who sets up a medical school in London of 1750s. As part of his research, he grapples with the moral costs of scientific discovery.

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cover of the historical fiction novel Trust and Treason by JR Tomlin

Historical Fiction Book Review: Trust and Treason by JR Tomlin

In JR Tomlin’s historical fiction novel Trust and Treason, Sir Archibald “The Grim” Douglas returns home following the disastrous battle at Neville’s Cross. He finds his land overran by the English and fights a personal guerrilla war to to rid Scotland of her invaders. However, he soon finds a deeper treachery, one that forces him to choose where his loyalty lies.

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Image of the Alchemy Thief by R. A. Denny, a historical fantasy novel

Historical Fantasy Book Review: Alchemy Thief by R. A. Denny

Be careful of what you ask of God … as you just might get it.

“…The vastness of the ocean that stretched to meet the sky filled her with a longing to reconnect with the God of the universe. She wanted to feel that closeness and security again. ‘Here I am, God, she prayed. ‘But what am I here for?’”

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