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Sir Francis Drake with his Coat Of Arms with the inscription of Sic Parvis Magna

Sic Parvis Magna Meaning

The meaning of Sic Parvis Magna is from small beginnings, greatness. This is the title of the first book of the historical fiction series Adventures of Francis Drake.

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Historical Fiction Novel Sic Parvis Magna part of cover

Historical Fiction Novel Sic Parvis Magna

The historical fiction novel Sic Parvis Magna is the coming of age story of Francis Drake—a farm boy before his notoriety as a pirate who spectacularly raided the Spanish Main, or his fame as a circumnavigator and bold admiral who “singed Phillip’s beard.”

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Cover of the historical fiction novel Ben's Bones by Joseph C. Gioconda

Historical Fiction Book Review: Ben’s Bones by Joseph C. Gioconda

Ben’s Bones is a lesson in medical history within the covers of a historical fiction novel. It paints an account of a brilliant young anatomist and a friend of Benjamin Franklin who sets up a medical school in London of 1750s. As part of his research, he grapples with the moral costs of scientific discovery.

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