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Historical Fiction Books of Paul Jariabek I am a historical fiction author. I love to read broadly and my favorite genre by far is historical fiction. If you have written in the genre, this is a page where you can request historical fiction book reviews.

I provide both free “reader” style book reviews and paid editorial reviews for historical fiction. Because of my time commitments, I cannot review books in other genres. If you are an author of historical fiction, or represent one, I’d love to hear from you.

My reviews appear on this site’s book review archive and are syndicated to other sites such as Medium and social media platforms like my historical fiction facebook page and book markets. 

Recent Historical Fiction Book Reviews

cover of the historical fiction novel Trust and Treason by JR Tomlin

Historical Fiction Book Review: Trust and Treason by JR Tomlin

In JR Tomlin’s historical fiction novel Trust and Treason, Sir Archibald “The Grim” Douglas returns home following the disastrous battle at Neville’s Cross. He finds his land overran by the English and fights a personal guerrilla war to to rid Scotland of her invaders. However, he soon finds a deeper treachery, one that forces him to choose where his loyalty lies.

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