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Historical Fiction Short Story Retribution Plot Summary

Join the 17-year-old Francis Drake in a cutlass-slashing, cannon-blasting sea raid as he assists his cousin John Hawkins in cutting out one of the Hawkins’ ships, rescues its crew, and learns something about himself during the Anglo-French war of 1557.

Historical fiction short story Retribution is a part of the Adventures of Francis Drake Series.

In July 1557, following the declaration of war between England and France, French privateers capture the English ship Lionheart and take her Saint Valery sur Somme. Her crew is imprisoned, and her cargo confiscated. The Lionheart is one of the armed merchantmen that belongs to John and William Hawkins, sons of William Hawkins, former mayor of Plymouth and Member of Parliament and the mariner that first established triangular maritime trade between England, Guinea, and Brazil. Her loss represents a blow to the prestige of the Hawkins family—and early adopter of the armed merchantman ships for use in trading privateering.

Francis Drake, a second cousin to John Hawkins, is now 17 years old, and is an apprentice aboard the Tiger, another armed merchantman that jointly belongs to Hawkins and Trelawney. He was taken in by the Hawkins following his family’s plight from the village Tavistock following the start of the Western (Prayer Book) Rebellion.

Drake owes much to the Hawkins family, which is primarily responsible for the start of his maritime career. In response to Hawkins’ indignant statement that this capture will not stand, Drake unhesitatingly volunteers to support the cut-out raid and participate in what amounts to pirate action.

Still unsure of his future direction as a mariner, he observes his life as greatly affected from the outside—his prospects in the rigid social class system, his faith, and in some ways, good or bad luck.

The preparation and planning, as well as the action of the cut-out raid gives Drake some clarity on what it takes to be successful in the 16th century world.

Short Story Retribution in the Historical Fiction Series Adventures of Francis Drake

The historical fiction series Adventures of Francis Drake attempts to fill in the details of the life of Sir Francis Drake, and to paint a fuller and more vivid picture of the personage that is available in the excellent biographies by John Sugden and many others. It is my belief that while history tells us who, what, when, and how, historical fiction lets us experience the why.

The series starts with Sic Parvis Magna, which explores Drake’s adolescence and key events of the age such as the Western (Prayer Book) Rebellion and the English Catholic restoration transform the life of the West Country farm boy and set him on the course that will ultimately make him one of the greatest naval commanders of England, and one of the greatest pirates of the world.

In this naval historical fiction short story, Drake’s actions and thoughts will lay a path to his mindset in the novel First Blood, which will explore his raids on the Isthmus of Panama.

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