Classic Wooden McKenzie River Fishing Drift Boat (River Dory) For Sale

Sold (For Sale)

Classic wooden McKenzie River Drift Boat for sale

The Whim is guaranteed to catch fish (and looks) in style!

Built for Fun

Classic McKenzie River Drift Boat

The Thinker’s Whim was hand-built in 2008 to Robert Fletcher’s plans for a classic McKenzie River Drift Boat, published in his book Drift Boats & River Dories: Their History, Design, Construction, and Use. She is just as comfortable running rapids as being a stable fly-fishing platform on a lazy lake.

The high bow keeps her dry in churning whitewater, and the characteristic rocker bottom allows her to spin on a dime, she is a lot of fun to row. The fish practically jump into the boat!

She is in excellent condition.

All wooden parts are covered in epoxy for protection against water and rotting. 

The Whim includes 3 seats—the rowing bench made of rope, and 2 padded “passenger” seats in the bow.

Included With the Sale

  • a 30# Pyramid Drift Boat Anchor,
  • Electric Trolling Motor,
  • Classic Craft Cover,
  • 3 Sawyer Wooden Oars, and
  • Clacka Drift Boat Trailer.

When not on the water, she has been stored in a covered garage at all times. I am selling the Whim because we are moving and downsizing our home. The new garage will not have enough room to store her. 

Thinker’s Whim Particulars

  • 15’7″ bow to tip of the drag anchor mount (this extends past the stern). Total length on trailer is just shy of 19′.
  • 64″ abeam. Total Clacka trailer width is 88″ (fairing to fairing).
  • I don’t know her weight, but she is pretty light. We towed her easily with a SUV that has a 3.500 max tow rating. 

New builds are in the $13k range.

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