Release of Retribution – a Short Story in the Adventures of Francis Drake Historical Fiction series

Release announcement of Retribution, a short story in the historical fiction series Adventures of Francis Drake.

I am very pleased to announce the release of my short story Retribution. Part of the historical fiction series Adventures of Francis Drake, Retribution explores a fictional cutting out raid to recapture ship.

In my exploration of Sir Francis Drake’s life, I wondered what his prior experiences were like to produce the daring land raid against the Isthmus of Panama later on in life. Where did Drake get his bearings as a commander of a land attack from a forward base? This is my answer to that question.

Retribution is set between the upcoming Sic Parvis Magna and First Blood novels and is a bridge story between Francis Drake’s earlier experience as an apprentice that Sic Parvis Magna explores and his revenge-motivated raids on Spanish Panama that elevated him as a successful naval commander and pirate.

Adventures of Francis Drake – Retribution is available for purchase as both a Kindle edition and a printed version on Amazon.com. Retribution is also available through this website by signing up for my email updates.

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